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Healthy Eyes Are Not Less Than A Blessing

There Are Some Tips To Maintain Your Eyesight.

Healthy Eyes

Good eye sight is necessary for performing your work well at your job,school,college,university,and where ever you are connected in your life.for this purpose you have to make sure that your eyes are at their best. For this purpose first you have to examine your eyes.And there are few steps to keep your eyesight well according to your age.

Balanced Food:

Eat balanced diet rich in antioxidants like vitamin A and C,Leafy green vegetable and fish.

  • Side Effects Of Food:

Use of alcohol and saturated fatty acids can create a free radical reaction that can harm macula (the part of eye responsible for central vision).


Exercise improves the blood circulation which increases the oxygen level which improves your eye sight.

Night Sleep:

When you will get a good sleep you will perform good than before sleep. Sleep of 6 to 7 hours is very good for your health.

Hand Wash:

You should wash your hands before taking it to your eyes because your hands can contain many germs and bacteria which can be dangerous for you.

Bad Effect Of Smoking:

Smoking can effect badly at your eyes because smoking is overall not good for your health.So it can damage your eyesight.

Wear Sunglasses:

To protect your eyes from different radiations like Ultra Violet(UV) radiations you should wear sunglasses.

Your Device Effects:

Blue light and your device like mobile ,laptop ,etc these devices can effect badly at your eyes.

Here are some tips to protect your eyes from your devices:

  • use eye protector on your device to protect your eyes.
  • adjust lightning to minimize the glare on your screen.
  • blink frequently.
  • take a break during your work.
  • take a lubricated drops to soothe irritating dry eyes.

Which fruits can improve your eyesight naturally?

Orange juice,strawberry milk shake,carrot juice can improve your eye sight naturally because it contains vitamin C.

Benefits Of Milk For Your Eyes:

Milk contains riboflavin Which reduces the risk of cataracts in your eyes.It also contains vitamin A which is good for health.


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