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Side affects of contact lenses

contact lenses

Side Affects Of Contact Lenses

Using contact lenses for several hours can be harmful for your eyes.




  • Lens covers the entire cornea of the eye thats why it reduces the amount of oxygen supplied to the eye and this is not good for healthy eyes.
  • Contact lenses reduces the tears in eyes by absorbing the tears to keep themselves soft this makes the eyes dry and it causes itching and redness in the eyes.
  • It diminishes coroneal reflex. coroneal reflex is a protective mechanism when brain sends signal to the eyelids drop down when pressure comes to the cornea. coroneal reflex is responsible if some objects comes direct to our eyes and cause trauma, like some object falling in our eyes or someone poke us.
  • If your lenses are not fitted well in the eyes or your eyes are dry it can cause corneal abrasion.If you sleep with lenses risk of abrasion increases.The lenses can trap sand and will rub this against your cornea giving birth to eye infection and can lead to lose of vision too.
  • There will be high risk of red eyes if you wear lenses for several hours because it gives place to bacteria, microorganisms,and viruses at that time eyes could not fight with these viruses,bacteria and microorganisms because of low oxygen level in the eyes.
  • It can cause corneal ulcer when an open sore caused by bacteria, virus and parasite is formed in the cornea.If corneal ulcer left untreated it can cause permanent blindness in the eyes.

Prevention And Treatment:

Prevention from the side affects of contact lenses is that do not over wear your contact lenses. Remove your contact lenses before sleep. Go for regular checkups of your eyes. If you feel problem with your contact lenses do not use them again or consult to your doctor. Use eye drops for your dry eyes.

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