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Side Affects of insufficient sleep

Side Affects of insufficient sleep

Why Sleep Is Necessary?

Sleep is necessary for the good working of mind of a person.It prepares an individual fresh and active for the next day. When a person get sleep of almost 6-7 hours he became active and dynamic.Sleep of 6-7 hours is enough for good working of a body.Sleeping time differs person to person like some individual sleeps 4 hours,some 5,some 6, some 7, some 8, some 9, some 10, and some 11.When the person mind is fresh he is able to perform his daily life activities.On the other hand if person does not take rest he will feel like ill, and he will not be able to perform daily life activities,as he will not be able to do anything he will feel himself burden on others and he may lose hope of life.Like other life activities sleep is also necessary for a person.

Sleep Plays An Important Role In Learning

Sleep plays an important role in learning and memory.It improves health,wellness,productivity,wellness,quality of life,and safety on the roads and in workplace.An adequate amount of sleep is necessary for adult ,infant and almost the people of all ages.Fatigue and Sleeplessness can increase the medical disorders like accidents.

Adequate sleep is necessary for health

  • Fight with infection
  •  Support the metabolism of sugar to prevent from diabetes

Insufficient Sleep Disorders

Insufficient sleep can affect a number of endocrine ,metabolic and neurological functions of the body.If left untreated it can cause:

  • Obesity
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease.

Sleep is a particular concern for a person having diseases like chronic disabilities and disorders like arthritis,kidney disease and pain,HIV,Epilepsy,Parkinson disease, and depression.Among adults untreated sleep disorders are related to weak health quality and increases the risk of death of individual from any cause.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are different in different peoples like some are discussed here:

Sleep Apnea: It occurs because of the shortness of breath.

Insomnia: It is the condition in which person is not able to sleep.

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